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You are low, in your heart,
your own estimation.
You laugh when I say that this love
is for you.

This love is for you.

Believe me, believe me,
Believe that you are more
than you feel you can be.

This love is for you.
Always for you.

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The first time you look,
you'll see nothing.
But as the year grinds through
you'll wonder, too.
I'll take you back
to the mirror in my room.
I'll show you again.
And you will see
where you stand.
What you mean to me.
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Walking in the garden,
beneath the summer sunlight,
that obsesses poets so,
I didn't like it.
I felt like the soft silence
was hiding something from me.
In the city you can hear
and that is what I would like
to be surrounded by.
Noise, not this sticking quiet,
that sneaks behind your back,
and tricks you into calm.
Walking in the garden now,
I am wishing for rain.

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Happiness in Paper Bags

Do you remember
that little shop on the corner,
where you could buy happiness
in paper bags?

It was a penny
for an hour of bliss,
although a week of contentment
cost less,
and lasted longer.

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Space Rocket

You were designing a space rocket
to fly to the moon.
But you couldn't fly.
"Easy," you said, "I'll push the button
labelled 'fly'".

So you sat down with an eggbox
and made yourself a button
labelled 'fly'.

And you flew.

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{For Lily}

Now I have a little piece of you.
I hold it carefully,
cupped in my hands.
I smile when I look at it,
because it is you,
and you are all
I need to make a smile.

This little piece of you,
the piece you have given me,
will keep me smiling,
for as long as I have it,
cupped in my hands,
close to my chest.

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Put your boots on.
Stomp and strut about.
We're going out
on the town tonight,
and we are going to have fun.

So pull on that outfit
you picked out last night,
in a mad scrounge through the pile of
clothes you call a wardrobe.

We'll get back from the club,
drunk and excited,
shedding those clothes as we go.
And stumbling through that door,
we'll sigh, and scream, and sing.